St. Patrick’s day inspired – Juicy Jacinta

Idea: Saint Patrick’s day was one week ago. However, I wasn’t in any state to be cooking. This dish is not just inspired by Ireland but by several ideas. In Minneapolis there is a burger called a “Juicy Lucy”. Take two patties and have liquid melted cheese inside. Furthermore, Chicago has the Italian beef sandwich that you soak in a gravy/sauce. Jacinta is the only Irish name I know that matches with Juicy and so…the Juicy Jacinta.

Description: Make an Irish style stew. Whatever way you want is fine but mine has Guinness extra stout, spring onions, beef stock and vegetables. Once boiled down, set aside to simmer.

Take two patties and place Irish cheddar in-between then seal the edges. Whilst the patties are being cooked, fry the onions. The onions are caramelized with a little brown sugar and Guinness. After toasting the buns, quickly dip into the stew. Compile the burger however you desire. Mine had the classics such as mayo, pickles, tomato and lettuce.

Serving suggestions: What about Irish whiskey? Maybe even more Guinness? Some thick cut fries would go perfectly.


The Easter dragon nest

Idea: My sister came to visit and we planned to make a fatboy together. However, we ran out of time for my original plan so had to think up an idea on the spot. She is a fantasy writer and Easter is coming up. Why not make a fantasy style Easter egg?

Description: Created a fairy floss bed for the egg to rest on. Double boiled some milk chocolate and covered a balloon. Once set deflated the balloon and removed it to create the bottom half. As we didn’t have enough chocolate we had to make the bowl thin and so it cracked unfortunately. Filled the bowl with lemon cheese cake cream and fruit. Placed a Milka Löffel-Ei in the center (for those who are unaware, Löffel-Ei are chocolate eggs filled with an airy mousse). Finally, melted down some white sugar and oiled up the bottom of a bowl. Dribbled the melted sugar over the bowl to make a mesh pattern and allowed to set. Removed the netting and placed it on top.

Serving suggestions: Adding more Löffel-Ei made it even better. Do not store in the fridge as the sugar will turn to liquid and make it look awful.

Cookie lasagna

Idea: Had some help with the idea of this one so I can’t really take credit. Was actually very easy to make in the end. The crème fraîche really helped cut through the sweetness.

Description: Make a basic chocolate chip cookie dough for the bottom and top layer. Remove the cookie dough from the oven just before it is fully cooked. Mix crème fraîche with cinnamon and nutmeg for second layer. Lay down brownie bricks for third layer. Top brownies with a caramel cream (chocolate chips also). Place cookie lid on top.

Serving suggestions: Peppermint tea is a great choice to accompany this one. Side note, it is way better the next day after being in the fridge.

Ultimate baked potato

Idea: As a kid we used to eat “chips royal”. Fries topped with melted cheese, bacon and sour cream. I thought it would be good to use those ingredients and switch up the organisation of them.

Description: Boil the potatoes. Cut potatoes in half and scoop out the middle then deep fry the potato “shells”. Fill with sour cream, bacon and cheese. Put two filled halves together and wrap in bacon. Top with cheese and cook in the oven.

Serving suggestions: Beer is a must have. If you aren’t allergic to salad like me, perhaps you could have one of those. If you don’t drink beer or salad then perhaps think of a drink or side food you like that can cut through that much fat. In the meantime, reconsider your position on beer.

Pancake cake


Idea: When in Melbourne with the vegetarians I had to make one they could eat. Plus I had seen the idea of a pizza cake and thought I should do something similar. Unfortunately I can’t upload video so the melted butter money shot is not able to be seen.

Description: Make a stack of pancakes. Between each one put a mixture of peanut butter, Nutella and melted butter. Then pour melted butter over the entire stack. Finally, batter the stack and deep fry.

Serving suggestions: Best enjoyed on a cold Melbourne day with a cup of tea. By tea I don’t mean that chamomile nonsense, I mean tea. Coffee would also be acceptable.

Blueberry cheesecake milkshake


Idea: Had some leftover cheesecake and I wanted to have my cake and drink it too.

Description: Drop the cake in the blender with a few extra blueberries. Can also be pumped up with some extra ice cream if needed.

Serving suggestions: Can’t really be had with anything else. Wouldn’t really work with anything but itself. Best for when you want to get fat and don’t want to exercise by chewing.

Harissa chili eggs with croque monsieur

Idea: Chili eggs has been in the family breakfast repertoire for ages. I watched a croque monsieur being made on YouTube and had to try my own twist.

Description: Harissa chilli eggs with croque monsieur. The eggs are poached in tomato, garlicky and spicy goodness of a sauce. Then for those who don’t know what a croque monsieur is just imagine a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on steroids. Black forest smoked ham with Irish cheddar and mustard then you fry that in butter. Cover the sandwich in a nutmeg bechamel sauce then cover it all in grated Gruyere cheese and grill that tasty bastard.

Serving suggestions: Recommended for mild hangovers only. That much cheese for a bad hangover will destroy you. Also would good nicely with a hoppy beer.

Peanut butter cup milkshakes


Idea: Simple as this, peanut butter and banana work perfect together and milkshakes always bring me to the yard.

Description: Milk, vanilla ice-cream, banana and Reese’s  peanut butter cups; not much to it really. One on the right has the original peanut butter cups. Left one has white chocolate peanut butter cups and personally I think it works best.

Serving recommendations: Best served with breakfast before a charity fun run, preferably for obesity or gout.

Barbecue bacon waffle burger


Idea: The idea originated from two things. Firstly, breaking the kosher rules of dairy and meat. Secondly, the idea of “chicken and waffles” from the USA. Just so happened that I had made some beef ribs the previous day. Would love to try it one more time.

Description: Aged BBQ beef ribs cooked for 5 hours. Stripped from the bone and chopped up. Fried the beef with apple cider vinegar, Ohio maple syrup and sharp cheddar to melt in. Make some waffles with bacon bits inside for the buns. Top the beef with hot sauce mayo and some shredded pickles.