Harissa chili eggs with croque monsieur

Idea: Chili eggs has been in the family breakfast repertoire for ages. I watched a croque monsieur being made on YouTube and had to try my own twist.

Description: Harissa chilli eggs with croque monsieur. The eggs are poached in tomato, garlicky and spicy goodness of a sauce. Then for those who don’t know what a croque monsieur is just imagine a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on steroids. Black forest smoked ham with Irish cheddar and mustard then you fry that in butter. Cover the sandwich in a nutmeg bechamel sauce then cover it all in grated Gruyere cheese and grill that tasty bastard.

Serving suggestions: Recommended for mild hangovers only. That much cheese for a bad hangover will destroy you. Also would good nicely with a hoppy beer.


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