Blueberry cheesecake milkshake


Idea: Had some leftover cheesecake and I wanted to have my cake and drink it too.

Description: Drop the cake in the blender with a few extra blueberries. Can also be pumped up with some extra ice cream if needed.

Serving suggestions: Can’t really be had with anything else. Wouldn’t really work with anything but itself. Best for when you want to get fat and don’t want to exercise by chewing.


Harissa chili eggs with croque monsieur

Idea: Chili eggs has been in the family breakfast repertoire for ages. I watched a croque monsieur being made on YouTube and had to try my own twist.

Description: Harissa chilli eggs with croque monsieur. The eggs are poached in tomato, garlicky and spicy goodness of a sauce. Then for those who don’t know what a croque monsieur is just imagine a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on steroids. Black forest smoked ham with Irish cheddar and mustard then you fry that in butter. Cover the sandwich in a nutmeg bechamel sauce then cover it all in grated Gruyere cheese and grill that tasty bastard.

Serving suggestions: Recommended for mild hangovers only. That much cheese for a bad hangover will destroy you. Also would good nicely with a hoppy beer.

Peanut butter cup milkshakes


Idea: Simple as this, peanut butter and banana work perfect together and milkshakes always bring me to the yard.

Description: Milk, vanilla ice-cream, banana and Reese’s  peanut butter cups; not much to it really. One on the right has the original peanut butter cups. Left one has white chocolate peanut butter cups and personally I think it works best.

Serving recommendations: Best served with breakfast before a charity fun run, preferably for obesity or gout.

Barbecue bacon waffle burger


Idea: The idea originated from two things. Firstly, breaking the kosher rules of dairy and meat. Secondly, the idea of “chicken and waffles” from the USA. Just so happened that I had made some beef ribs the previous day. Would love to try it one more time.

Description: Aged BBQ beef ribs cooked for 5 hours. Stripped from the bone and chopped up. Fried the beef with apple cider vinegar, Ohio maple syrup and sharp cheddar to melt in. Make some waffles with bacon bits inside for the buns. Top the beef with hot sauce mayo and some shredded pickles.